This morning we read chapter 10 “Ollin” said All-in from Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words by Kevin Hall.

I’ve got a few personal favorites that we talked about on the call including references to Henry Marsh, personal mentor and former client of mine.  Great story!

Another part of the chapter when he talks about Jim Newman who wrote “Release Your Brakes” saying, “…much of what we want and seek in life that is meaningful and significant is just beyond the edge of our comfort zone…”  LOVE THAT!

“Ella Wheeler Wilcox wrote:”There is no chance, no destiny, not fate, that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.” from page 196.

“I need to jump in with all my heart to accomplish my great work.  By doing five positive things every single things every single day toward its attainment, I can realize my goal.  Imagine taking five ax swings a day at a tree.  No matter how big or strong, the tree will eventually fall.”  page 203  TAKE ACTION!


Identify and Honor a Practitioner of Ollin.

Select someone you know whose behavior best reflects the principles Ollin.  Write that person’s name on page 203 or in your journal.  Reach out to and teach that person the meaning of “Ollin” and explain why he or she personifies this word.

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Have a fantastic week,

C. Spencer Reynolds
Book Aficionado

P.S. We just chose out next book, posting right now…

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